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Hi, My Name is Jess Kaskov!

I am a thought leader inspiring the world to profound joy and fulfillment as a #1 Bestselling author, motivational speaker, and certified life coach.  


I have always believed in this African proverb: “if you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent the night with a mosquito." Each person who works on spreading love and joy to themselves makes a different in the world.

I left my successful, 15-year engineering career at a Fortune 500 company to start my own business (Joyfulness with Jess), trading my hard hats for headbands. Today I do what I feel called to do - motivating and supporting others.


I have a house full of boys in the suburbs of Chicago as the mom to two energetic sons, Riley and Parker, and two lazy cats, Simba and Clifford, as well as wife to my goofy and loving husband, Henry.

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